9 Banded Armadillo

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About GrafixMat Coasters:

Each GrafixMat® is a work of art, masterfully laser-engraved on the cork front with a unique and amusing story colorfully illustrated on its flip-side.  For a treasured gift or your own personal collection; select one or create a set of 2, 4, 6 or more from 21 themed Collections totaling more than 500 contemporary and fine art designs.  Made from eco-friendly recycled cork from Portugal and Spain, yet handcrafted in the U.S.A. GrafixMats® are so artfully designed and intriguing, we've created a hanging hole in the back of each coaster.

All Natural    •    Durable Easy Wash    •    Singles or Sets Storage Caddies    •    4 1/4" Diameter, 5/16" Thick        Green Certified

Front Design:

9 Banded Armadillo

The Back Story:

9 Banded Armadillo

Of the 20 varieties of armadillo, the nine-banded armadillo is the only species found in the United States. Weighting between 5 to 14 pounds, they grow to a length of 15 to 23 inches long. Normally found in the southeastern states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, and Florida, there have been reports that armadillos have moved northward as far as southern Indiana. The cause of this rapid expansion is simply by having few or no natural predators. Staying out of public sight, the nine-banded armadillo is mainly a solitary, nocturnal animal. They feed chiefly on ants, termites, grubs, plants, and fruits.