The original protective cork mat for your home. When life gets messy – watering houseplants, pouring wine, icy drinks on your grandmother’s antique table – a natural cork ProtectoMat® helps keep surfaces from floor to countertop looking pristine. They’re designed for one job only – to help you protect the things that matter from scratches, stains, moisture and heat.

The Walton Company created this product category in the 1970s, and ever since has manufactured quality cork mats in sizes up to 24 inches to strict environmental standards. And we do it right here in the good ol’ USA.

  • Signature dual-layer construction is completely washable and will last for years
  • Extra-thick insulating cork is earth-friendly
  • Hardboard backing makes these mats tough
  • Versatile uses throughout your home and office

ProtectoMat® provides the ideal solution for protecting furniture, flooring and most other surfaces. ProtectoMat, the original laminated cork mat, is manufactured using only the highest-quality, all-natural cork and hardboard in our signature dual-layer construction. And, unlike other cork products, ProtectoMat’s durable construction creates a permanent waterproof bond, making it fully washable. This combination of high quality materials and our exclusive manufacturing process makes ProtectoMat® the ideal solution for:

  • Protecting furniture, carpets, glass, tile, wood and granite.
  • Preventing scratches, burns, stains, rings and mildew damages

These mats are as durable and useful as they are beautiful. Due to the nature of natural cork, each ProtectoMat is a unique, one-of-a-kind design and is available in two color schemes, Pecan (medium tan) and Walnut (dark brown). With 21 sizes to choose from -- ranging in diameter from 4” to 24” round mats and many sizes of square and rectangular mats -- we offer the perfect sized ProtectoMat for any application: home or garden, commercial and industrial environments, schools and community.