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Size  5 ProtectoMat Square Pecan

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  • Actual Size 4.75" / 12.1cm
  • ProtectoMat® is the original laminated natural cork.
  • Natural, Attractive, Surface Protection for Home & Office
  • Protect fine surfaces, furniture, carpet, floors, etc. from damage...
There is nothing better or more attractive than ProtectoMat®
Preserve all surfaces from the damaging effects of water stains, moisture rings, mildew and other surface mars and scratches.

Attractive genuine cork is backed with rigid durable tempered hardboard for ideal protection and a rich appearance.

Use ProtectoMats as hot pads, drink coasters, serving trays, organizers for dressers and counter tops, candle mats, etc. They're available in 4" - 24" diameters and are completely washable.

Specified by Interior Plantscape Professionals, Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers.

Protects Against Heat, Moisture and Scratches

These heavy-duty mats protect all types of surfaces from damage caused by water stains, moisture rings, mildew, heat and scratches. Notice the thick cork and the durable, smooth hardboard backing. A five year guarantee protects you from defects in materials and workmanship and they'll last a lifetime.

They're Completely Washable

If ProtectoMats ever get soiled with food, mold or mildew, they're easily and quickly cleaned with ordinary soap and water.

Multi-purpose ProtectoMats

One of the key features of ProtectoMats is their infinite versatility. Among their many uses: under plants, hot dishes and cooking utensils, cups, glasses, candles, placemats, trays, art objects, etc. They also work will as organizers for dressers, table or counter tops; under centerpieces, and a multitude of uses. ProtectoMats are used in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels...
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 5 Year Guarantee